Friday, March 28, 2014

Intro & About Me

This is a little expansion on my About Me section and an introduction to my blog.

I will start off with saying that I am new to blogging. I have never blogged. My time as a writer has been spent writing novels, short stories, co-operative writing, fiction,... the list goes on. I have heard a lot about blogs in the last year and up until now have not had the time to dedicate to a blog. Though, I have an easy semester right now, as well as summer coming up. I figured now was the best time to start learning the ropes!

Before I began my English and writing education at UW-Parkside, I was at Gateway Technical College. I began there at the age of 16. I graduated high school early and was able to do so thanks to homeschooling. Before college, I had been writing for a long time. I can remember at age twelve, writing stories on the computer with friends. Before that, I kept journals and wrote to myself. I have always had an interest in writing.

When I began college at Gateway, I was not aware that writing was what I wanted to do with my life. Back then, I was neck deep in photography; my first year of college was nothing but electives in photography and graphic design. After the initial high from that wore off, I realized it didn't speak to my heart like I thought it did. I wasn't as invested as I could have been, or as the people who were around me. Having realized my love was not where I had spent the last year of my love, I took on a more diverse class load; business, marketing, and English classes. This is when I found out my life needed to be about writing!

My plan for my blog is to thoroughly examine the definition of words and relate to how these words are used in normal life. I analyse words on a molecular level everyday, and I plan to share my thoughts on these words here. I may from time to time write about psychology or philosophy, but mainly words. I also may post something that I have written in my English courses, or other courses, such as my Film class, which requires 3 critical engagements.

I hope this blog is everything and anything my followers are looking for. If there is ever a word you would like me to define in the way that I define words, I take requests. It can be very interesting to learn the definition of a word in the way that I look at them.

Thank you for scrolling and wandering through my blog! I hope to make a connection with all of you!

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