Thursday, December 11, 2014

We Are All Different

A question that plagues my thoughts everyday is, 'Why should I bother writing? Who is going to read what I have to say, anyways?' I was thinking about it today, and it brought me to some interesting thoughts and ideas that I'd like to share. Hopefully you can relate and you find some inspiration to keep going from where my thoughts brought me.  

I've seen a lot of writers, or artists of any kind for that matter, who when discouraged say things such as, 'There's probably someone else out there doing the same thing. Why should I bother to compete?' I think it myself, somedays. Why should I try competing? I'm new to the writing/blogging world. No one knows my name. There are numerous people who do the exact same thing that I do. I will lose the battle to someone who is more established than I am. 

I am aware that is a narrow way to think, but let's be honest, we've all been there and we all go there every now and again. It's that shadow of a doubt that brings us there. 

Now, while there may be numerous other writers or artists out there, we are all different. Why else would there be so many people who do the same thing? If we were intended to think one certain way and be entertained or learn in the same way, if we all thought the same way there would only be one person who does any one thing. There would only be one writer. There would only be one artist, one chef, one teacher. There's a reason we don't all like the same kind of food. There's a reason some of us learn by reading while others learn by doing. We are not all capable of the same things, but amongst us are people who are capable of what we are not. You are capable of what someone else is not. 

One person is only one perspective. We all have a different perspective.  And we all see other peoples perspectives differently. If there's only one person doing one thing, not only is the unemployment rate going to go through the roof, but there will be people who don't care for that person's take on things. There will be people who just don't understand. There will be people who can't draw any inspiration from it. There will be people who act out and rebel against a broken system where there's only one person allowed to do specialize in any one thing. 

So the next time you think that no one will care, no one will read or like what you have to say, no one will see what you do, remember that there are so many people that do the same thing for a reason. There will be at least one person who understands you and where you are coming from. There will be at least one person who walks away from your creativity with something. 

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